Jendaresu is a Japanese word that means, “genderless”. Different than unisex, which might imply an application appropriate for either male or female, Jendaresu removes the construct of gender altogether.

Jendaresu is a clothing line that challenges the paradigm that only men should wear clothes designed for men and only women should wear clothes designed for women. Simply put, clothing has no gender. Textiles are not inherently male or female.

Our mission is to make classic, functional, go-to, long-lasting garments that become permanent additions to any human being’s wardrobe.

Jendaresu was founded by David Ziegler-Voll in Boston, Massachusetts in 2017. April 26th to be exact. After determining that he had exhausted a career as a package designer (for a very popular South Seas themed grocer) he decided to start a company that spoke true to his spirit.

From an early age David defied gender convention. Some might call it drag, others cross-dressing. David felt otherwise. Why are pants things men wear and skirts things women wear?

Jendaresu is fiercely committed to manufacturing our apparel in the United States of America. We believe that the shared success of a common goal is sweeter when all involved are treated fairly, humanely and compensated fairly. We also believe the turn-over of disposable fashion is wasteful and unnecessary. We hope that our customers enjoy our pieces for years to come.